We bailed on our Thanksgiving travel plans last minute. . . but soon enough that I could plan our own Thanksgiving feast complete with homemade pie from homegrown pumpkin (a combination of my friends real pumpkin and my pseudo pumpkin a.k.a. golden nugget squash). Then, since we we found ourselves with a four day weekend we even got to host pie and coffee for our Dominican friends and make a fruit pie to boot. While my mom’s classic Cream Cheese Pumpkin pie is a main stay, winning over even the not pumpkin pie eaters among us, I have been waiting for the prime time to try out two of Yossy Arefi’s fall pies and they were absolutely worth the wait. The Winter Luxury Pumpkin Pie boasts a creamy, perfectly set custard, mildly sweetened with maple syrup while the Pear Pie with Crème Fraîche Caramel is a show stopper replete with lattice top crust which oozes with pear juices and caramel. . .oh my! The real clincher though was Arefi’s All-Butter Pie Crust. On the surface her crust looks pretty typical: Flour, Salt, Butter, Apple Cider Vinegar, Water; but her method turns the thing almost into puff pastry (another recipe she has in her cookbook). The secret? She leaves shards of butter in the pastry and adds enough water and vinegar to make the dough clump. After a long or overnight rest in the refrigerator the crust rolls out into a flaky pastry that puffs around your fruity or creamy filling. Happy “Day After Thanksgiving!” I hope your day was full of good food and good company.

Love from CO,



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