Mother’s Day Shish Kabobs and Lemon Sour-Cream Pie


I’m posting two “recipes” to make up for last month’s zero (sorry!) and maybe I’ll get around to it once more this week for extra compensation. I better, because next weekend I’m going to experiment with pain aux chocolate again. There, now I’m committed.

Last Sunday, to celebrate my lovely Mama, I made two large trays of chicken and steak shish kabobs and a pot of buttery purple rice, served with cubes of watermelon. No recipe for the shish kabobs: just marinated chunks of meat (I used water, sugar, soy sauce, ginger, white wine vinegar and oil for the marinade) alternated with fresh fruits and vegetables (in this case pineapple, yellow and green  zucchini and cherry tomatoes) and grilled.

For dessert we had a beautiful lemon sour-cream pie. At least, it was beautiful until I sliced it and attempted to transfer the slices from pie dish to plates. I think it would have done better with some freezer time just before serving, or maybe refrigerated overnight. Anyhow, it ended up in delicious puddles of tangy pudding and pecan-crunch on our plates.


Happy late Mother’s Day! And also, just one more week of school! After that: a hopefully-successful recipe for pain aux chocolate.

Love from Oregon,

Faerynn M.


One thought on “Mother’s Day Shish Kabobs and Lemon Sour-Cream Pie

  1. Bethany

    Shishkabob, yum. It must be in the air! I have ground lamb to make kefta this week (Essentially shishkabob using meatballs). Thanks for reminding me of that lemon pie, I need to make one very soon.


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