SK’s Spaghetti Pie (almost little-boy friendly)

A few weeks back I spied a tempting recipe on Smitten Kitchen. That occurs almost every time I look there, but this one was really too good to pass up, I just had to wait for a free Friday evening so that I had time to whip up this baby-brother-friendly, cheesy comfort food plus a side of lemony broccoli and snap peas. Unfortunately, the recipe required a lot of pepper and I put it all in before remembering my original intent. The results were delectable for those who like spice–if you have a little one, I’d suggest cutting back on the black pepper! You can find the recipe here (the only difference between mine and hers is cheese: I wanted Gavin to like it so I used cheeses he knows, cheddar and gouda, but the pecorino and fontina that she used look fantastic!)


Please make this sometime, it’s easy and so satisfying. Lots of love from Oregon,

Faerynn M.


7 thoughts on “SK’s Spaghetti Pie (almost little-boy friendly)

  1. I really can’t decide how I feel about this recipe. On the one hand, what can go wrong with all that cheese? On the other hand, that’s so many noodles all squashed together! Yours looks like it turned out really well though!


  2. Bethany

    You stole my post! I was getting ready to write this one up a review after I made it yesterday and it was a total hit with C. My baby WAS impressed but only for the first couple of bites. I think it is definitely a comfort food kind of dish, which isn’t what I usually go for (I’m definitely into the veggie heavy foods these days), but I enjoyed it for dinner and for lunch the next day. Although, I only used about 1/2 a teaspoon of black pepper.


    1. Faerynn

      Yeah it was smart of you too use less pepper, I wish I would’ve done that too! That’s funny that we both made it this week 🙂


    2. That’s it. I might have to try it if both of you are giving it rave reviews. But first on the menu: a batch of oatmeal carmelitas for my philosopher’s birthday celebration. These have somehow become his favorite dessert ever. I don’t understand it! (But he picked an easy dessert to make!) –A


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