bread and snow

It has been an unusal winter here. There was no settling into the depths of January, with its perpetually frosty temperatures and bone-aching winds. Instead, the weeks have felt like a pastiche of seasons. Some days are warm enough for a light jacket; others require my heaviest garb; I’ve regularly seen people running in shorts. And it was only two weeks ago that my snow boots became necessary.

The day the blizzard descended coincided with a grad student get-together. In the end, only a handful of us showed up. But, oh, it was worth it. There was a crackling fire, marshmallows to toast over it, an assortment of potluck dishes, copious amounts of wine, and my version of Smitten Kitchen’s coconut bread.


My cooking notes:

  • I don’t care for the sharp flavor of white sugar by itself, so I did half brown sugar, half white.
  • Instead of 1 1/2 cups of shredded coconut, I did a scant cup because I didn’t have enough. I didn’t miss the extra coconut, and the lower quantity ensured that this was a pleasantly hearty bread (it wasn’t overpoweringly sweet).
  • I also swapped in coconut milk for the milk, partly to make up for the lower quantity of shredded coconut. I thought it added a lovely mellowness to the bread’s flavor.

I cut thick slices of this and brought it to the table on a cutting board. You should have seen it disappear! People loved it.

I loved it.

It was so good that when I had a gathering at my place the following weekend, I made it again.

The second time around:

  • I used the same quantities/proportions of sugar and coconut described above.
  • But this time I did half wheat, half white flour.
  • I also did half milk, half cream for the liquid, since both needed to be used.

The results were, once again, a hit (and I was asked for the recipe a second time!)

Having tried both, though, I have to admit that preferred the coconut milk version. The second version turned out much more crumbly than the first. It wasn’t too dry, but it was verging on it. I suspect swapping in the wheat flour was what did it. Any suggestions for how I could amp up the moisture without overdoing things?

Much love from snowy Connecticut (with more winter on the way tomorrow!),



One thought on “bread and snow

  1. Faerynn

    Your bread looks delicious! I will have to try making it sometime. Whole wheat does tend to make things more crumbly–sometimes it helps a bit to simply reduce the amount of flour you use though.


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