funky food

It’s been a week of funky food and DSC02983you’ll be hearing about a lot of it, I’m sure. As odd as the combinations seemed, everything was delicious and satisfying, often in unusual ways. Take these Beet and Carrot Fritters with Dill and Yogurt Sauce from over at food52 DSC02985as an example.

They were fantastic and the perfect way to put to use the last two beets lingering in my crisper drawer from a Roasted Beet and Asparagus salad that turned me into a beet lover last week. These fritters’ winning combination of mildly sweet roots paired with a hint of salt and finished with a toothsome crisp outer shell and the oh so refreshing DSC02989tang of plain yogurt were an instant hit!

I won’t lie and tell you these were super speedy to whip up, they took me a good hour from peeling and dicing the onion to the frying of the last fritter but they were so worth it and my little companion was quite happy to pack away the fritters as they came off the griddle.

Love from CO,




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