a satisfying soup for a winter evening

[Updated to add a picture!]

Since J has basically been feeding me for the past three months, I gamely volunteered to cook for us tonight. But what to make? I was going to turn out SK’s sausage and sweet potato soup, but the thought of chopping all those potatoes got me down. Instead I combined two thirds of a can of coconut milk, a can of chickpeas, and a can of diced tomatoes to make this creamy soup from Love and Lemons. It was perfect: thick and slightly grainy with just the right amount of tang (and only the smallest amount of chopping necessary–for the onion!). I served  it with thick slices of beer bread (from Balthazar Bakery in NJ) toasted with Tillamook cheese (both the products of a late afternoon grocery run).

I wish I had a picture to share. But the soup looked so good plated that I devoured my bowlful before I even remembered to pull out my camera! Here are the delectable results of the meal, second day (with a sprinkle of freshly grated parmesan, a few sprigs of thyme, a swizzle of olive oil, and a shake of red pepper flakes).


Love from Connecticut,



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