searching for delicious

Mom and I have been on the hunt for months (no, years!). In the pre-baby- brother stage, home-made brownies were moist, chewy and crackle-topped without effort. Those were the days of all-purpose flour and endless baked goods. Then he came, and with him were whole wheat flour (ground at home), gallons of honey and a very sparse sprinkling of sugar. Just on the weekends, mind you. The delicious brownies disappeared. We courted with whole wheat pastry flour and honey, but the results were dry. Not even pretty flecks of coconut on top could fool you. The honey was abandoned and we set out on a brown-sugary, half-baked adventure that was much better, but rather dense. The baking powdery, cake-like varieties were even less successful. And then, on the back of one of the 36 bags of chocolate chips in the pantry, was the recipe (you’ll have to buy 11.5 Oz. of Guittard 63% chocolate chips in order to find it, or just scavenge in our trash can). Sister B made them on Tuesday (a last holiday treat before the oldest-sibling departures) and three days later they were back in the oven. That’s how good they are.


P.S. The brownie here is shown buried under Haagen-dazs vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, and caramel sauce. Honestly, they’re just as good plain (as we ate them on Tuesday) or with a fresh cup of tea.

With love and dishes to wash,

Sister F


5 thoughts on “searching for delicious

  1. Joelle

    Made these last week. Delicious!!! Did you use whole wheat flour and replace sugar with honey? I made the recipe just as directed. I loved them but was wondering how they fit the bill for healthier brownies.


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